Distance MBA, Executive MBA & Part Time MBA

Mumbai, the land of opportunities since time immemorial, has now added a feather to its cap. Many reputed institutes there offer distance MBA, for students and professionals. Though there are many cities from where one can pursue MBA, a distance MBA in Mumbai has several added advantages.

The large number of professionals settled in the island city has given a boost to distance MBA. Both the colleges and the students enjoy a win-win situation. The colleges providing distance MBA in Mumbai can cater to countless students, without having to allocate seats to them or spending heavily on infrastructure. The students benefit by getting to learn about the latest management theories, without having to take a professional break.

The course structure and pedagogy for a distance MBA differs from that of a regular course. The students can do self-study from the course material provided to them by the institute. The practical learning is highly effective, as hundreds of case studies are included in a course of distance MBA in Mumbai.

Professionals with experience prefer to take up executive MBA in Mumbai. This format is short and focused, with networking possibilities for the students. Mumbai is home to some of the most accomplished businessmen, and host to scores of them. These gurus of management often share their experiences through seminars, a part of Executive MBA in Mumbai.


After over 15 years of classroom education, it is indeed difficult to imagine about distance learning MBA. One would think it to be impossible to gain proper knowledge without getting face to face with the teachers. Surprisingly, the concept of distance MBA is not just a success, but it is gaining popularity every day.

Distance learning MBA has proved to be a boon for the working population, who wish to further their qualification with a management degree, but cannot afford to leave the job. The study module prepared is according to the needs of the industry and also offers specialization. Even case studies are provided with detailed explanation for better understanding of the corporate world.  People opting for distance MBA have the advantage of being able to apply the knowledge practically in the workplace, as opposed to those who pursue full time MBA.

The emergence of distance MBA in India has been highly beneficial for women who cannot leave their city or family for higher education. Millions of women are taking advantage of distance learning MBA and gaining management knowledge to enhance their professional growth. They can manage their family, while studying according to their convenience, since distance MBA in India does not require attending any lectures. The evaluation is done through online assignments and exams conducted at centres located in the student’s city. Hence, there is negligible travel involved, while the value of education is substantial.

Management education is the buzz word for the Indian business sector these days. With the advent of increased foreign investments inIndia, there has been a boom in the demand for managerial professionals. This has given rise to a lot of students who aspire to pursue MBA (Masters of Business Administration) due to the lure of the paycheck.


The best part about this MBA boom is that despite the ups and downs of the market, and in spite of the numerous business schools that have emerged recently, there is still enough demand for professionals with the MBA feather in their hat. However, what if one is a working professional and does not have the time to pursue a regular MBA program? Or what if one is not able to make the cut in the top-tier business schools?


Distance MBA programs are the perfect solution for such students and professionals. They are a combination of convenience, quality as well as affordability. The students receive study material and books by the postal service or online. Lectures and seminars can be attended online at the convenience of the student. In case of any doubts in the subject matter the students can contact their professors, either telephonically or through e-mail.


Orientation programs are also organized by many universities where students can interact one-on-one with professors and clarify their doubts and questions. There is no compromise on the standard of education. This is the reason why most of the budding business schools inIndiaare also flourishing and growing rapidly.


ELK MBA offers a comprehensive guide to Distance MBA in India. With years of experience in the domain, we help students take a shortcut to success.